How wireless charging works

In today’s mobile world, if there is a conversion technology, it is the wireless charging. This is the next best thing to come along. But, what is the wireless charging?
Just like any other technology, there are a lot of system to seek dominance, and become “the standard”. Wireless charging is almost Qi standard globally, which is set by the Wireless Power Consortium. Actually, this standard aren’t compatible, because the induction coils operate at different frequencies for starters.

Electromagnetic induction principle of wireless charging is, the coil wire base stations, namely the charging plate, create a current through the magnetic field, in the case of no contact with it. The adjacent coil produce induced current line, which is part of the battery charging circuit. So, you have wireless charging. We should pay attention to is that wireless charging can provide a whole day to replace your charging pad.
According to the latest statistics, Qi has a far large footprint, with more than 675 official Qi-enabled devices, and more are being added every single day.
As Nokia’s choose cooperation with Qi charging design its Windows Phone for the first time, wireless charging has a leading position in the mobile phone market. As a result, more and more people will be wireless charger on the list of new equipment. Why is that? Because it is magical. And put down your traditional charging hardware, you will need a wireless charger. Find QI, you will look for that says ‘cutting edge’.

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